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How Has Lockdown Affected Dental Practices?

Like many sectors, dentistry has been vastly affected by the lockdown restrictions and everything that has come with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many dentists were experiencing a boom in business earlier in the year, during the month leading up to the pandemic, but this has changed in recent weeks, during this second lockdown.

Many dental practices had to close during the first lockdown when rules and regulations were less clear, but, luckily, things have changed this time around. With clearer guidance and many businesses having a plan of action in place, the public is currently able to receive dental care and have easier access to it.

What Are Some Major Public Concerns?

During the pandemic, many people have been concerned about whether they can receive emergency and non-emergency appointments with local dentists. As appointments were harder to book and practices weren’t operating as usual, many patients had experienced concerns in regards to their dental health and oral hygiene.

Luckily, these concerns voiced by the public can now be looked at and addressed by dentists, as many are currently open and accepting appointments for a range of services.

Dentist During This Lockdown

Can You See Your Dentist During This Lockdown?

It is good news for many of us, as about 70% of dentists are still open, which includes NHS and private dentists alike, so it is worth enquiring with your local practice or seeking out dental practices that are currently open. 

Many practices are operating at a reduced capacity, meaning that less staff are present and therefore social distancing is easier to maintain for the health and safety of both staff and clients. For us at Hermes Dental Clinic London, we can confirm that we are open and operating, so new and returning patients can book appointments with us.

Why Can Dentists Stay Open During This Lockdown?

This second lockdown has slightly different guidelines when it comes to dentistry and we have all been much more prepared this time around. As we all know, the government has said that non-essential services must close, although essential services can stay open.

Chief Dental Officer for England, Sara Hurley, has confirmed that dentists can stay open: “I can confirm that this includes NHS dental services. Therefore, during the period of tighter restrictions practices should remain open to treat patients in line with the standard operating procedure.”

What Safety Measures Are in Place?

All of the usual safety measures are in place to tackle the spread of COVID-19 and the NHS has offered extra guidance and measures to dental practices. This includes rigorous measures being put in place to help guide dental practices, which also takes into consideration how vulnerable the patient is.

All of the usual safety procedures are also being implemented, especially now face-to-face appointments are available. This includes social distancing wherever possible, face masks, hand sanitiser and masks worn by staff. All patients can be assured sterilised equipment is used for each appointment as usual and extra ventilation has also been put into place.

To minimise face-to-face contact where possible, we are offering free e-consultations, so we can see as many patients as we can and offer professional guidance, without the need for some patients to visit our dental practice.

Dental x ray scan

Which Services Are Dentists Currently Offering?

Services that are currently available may differ from dentist to dentist, but here at Hermes Dental Clinic London, we are offering a range of services. If you do require it, you can book emergency appointments, as well as contact us about our range of usual services that we offer, from 24-hour emergency treatments to dental implants and missing teeth.

Hermes Dental Clinic London is an award-winning dental clinic with experience and a proven track record in many dental procedures. If you want more reasons to smile, then simply get in contact today – we’d love to help.

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