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Author: Dr. Parneet Sehmi

Dentist Recommendations On How To Stop Snoring

It’s estimated that around 45% of adults snore occasionally whilst 25% of people snore regularly. Snoring tends to worsen with age, so if you feel like your snoring is getting in the way of sleeping or affecting those around you, you may wish to explore

The Most Common Dental Problems and How to Avoid Them

At Hermes London Dental Clinic, we see thousands of patients each year. This means that we have dealt with all dental problems imaginable and have great experience in general treatments, cosmetic treatments and preventative dentistry. More often than not, common dental problems can be resolved

Why a Tooth Extraction Isn’t As Bad As You May Think…

Many of us will require a tooth extraction at one time or another for various different reasons. Tooth extractions are often needed when patients are experiencing overcrowding, advanced gum disease, damaged teeth, medical conditions, and deep infections that are beginning to spread. Tooth extractions are

Our Most Popular Dental Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic dental treatments are designed to improve your overall confidence by rectifying issues related to the colour, position, shape, size, alignment and overall appearance of your teeth. With this in mind, it’s now easier than ever before to get the smile you’ve always wanted in

Are You Brushing Your Child’s Teeth Properly?

Regular tooth brushing is important for both children and adults. If children are exposed to a high amount of sugary foods and drinks, they have a much higher risk of getting cavities or suffering from tooth decay. It’s good for children to start having their

Wisdom Teeth Removal: When is it Necessary?

We all experience dental pain in our lifetime, whether it be caused by an infection, decay, or an injury. If you are suffering from pain or other issues due to your wisdom tooth, this may be an indication that you will need it to be

The Causes and Cures of Bleeding Gums

If you are suffering from bleeding gums, this is usually a symptom that commonly occurs due to gum disease. Although, if you brush your teeth strenuously or have dentures that are not fitting your mouth correctly, this can cause bleeding gums too.  These symptoms can