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Private dentists

Dentist During This Lockdown

How Has Lockdown Affected Dental Practices?

Like many sectors, dentistry has been vastly affected by the lockdown restrictions and everything that has come with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many dentists were experiencing a boom in business earlier in the year, during the month leading up to the pandemic, but this has changed

What is a dental emergency?

Whilst any issues or problems regarding dental healthcare may seem urgent to the patient, there are certain cases which are deemed to be a dental emergency by the practitioner. It is important, therefore, that you understand what cases are likely to be deemed as a

How safe are dental x-rays?

Emergency dentist Whilst this procedure may sound complicated and even daunting to many, dental x-rays are actually a very common and important tool which can be just as vital as standard teeth cleaning. Essentially, dental x-rays are a diagnostic procedure used to produce images of

Services Your Private Dentist in London Should Offer

Thanks to the nature of private healthcare, private dentists in London can offer you more advanced care and treatments than NHS dental clinics. This means, when checking out private dental clinics, you should be looking for the best services and equipment, not just the staff.