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Same Day Implants

Have you lost all or some of your natural teeth? Let us fix your smile with Same Day Implants.

  • Dental implants from £1,500
  • 0% Finance Available
  • Free Consultation
  • Top Quality Implant Brands
  • Long Term Guarantees
  • Clinically proven and safe solution to restore your great smile and being able to bite and chew with confidence.

Rediscover your confidence with same day dental implants

Natural looking. Natural feeling. And none of the challenges associated with traditional dentures. Discover the difference dental implants can make to your life and appearance – and let us fit yours in just one day!

Only a few years ago, if you wanted to switch damaged, missing or unsightly teeth for whiter, brighter, healthier looking options, you really only had two choices: traditional dentures, or traditional implants, which often took months to fit and required you to wear dentures throughout the process.

But with same day dental implants from Hermes London Dental Clinic, all that has changed.

How do dental implants work?

A dental implant is effectively an artificial tooth root. We use one or more titanium rods (depending on how many teeth need replacing) as a base, and anchor the rods to your jaw, just like the original root. Then we screw new teeth onto the root.

Why choose dental implants?

There are lots of reasons to choose dental implants:
  • Natural feel – dental implants feel like your own teeth, so you’ll never feel self-conscious ‘wearing’ them
  • Enjoy your regular diet – there’s no need to watch what you eat with dental implants. You can choose, bite and chew all your favourite foods with confidence
  • Normal speech – some dentures (usually poorly made and ill-fitting ones) can cause you to sound differently. With dental implants, your speech is unaffected
  • Simple, natural cleaning – implants are fixed, so you clean them just like normal teeth
  • Better oral health – our same day dental implants don’t rely on altering the teeth around them (as, for example, some bridges do).
  • Long lasting – with the right care, your dental implants should last a lifetime

There are broader benefits to choosing same day dental implants too. As you lose teeth, your gums, jawbone and surrounding tissue start to weaken. Without anything to support, they diminish and recede. This can have an aging effect on the shape of your face.

Implants encourage new bone and blood vessel growth, so your jawline remains strong, your profile is protected, and your confidence is regained.

About same day dental implants

Fitting dental implants used to be a long, drawn out process that could take months. But with same day dental implants, we can fit the titanium rods and a natural-looking tooth or set of temporary teeth in just one day.

The temporary teeth will remain in place for around three months to give your mouth time to fully heal (although recovery time from the process itself is minimal). Then we’ll fit a permanent set of teeth that look and feel even better.

Same day dental implants are suitable for most patients. The process is virtually pain free. And not only are same day dental implants much faster than traditional implants. They typically cost less too.

Call Hermes London Dental Clinic

Our same day dental implants start from just £1,500 and come with a 1 year guarantee. We only use the finest quality implant brands, and 0% finance is available.

Restore your smile, your confidence and the freedom to eat what you like.

To find out more about same day dental implants, call 020 7233 7660 or contact us.

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