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Free Orthodontic E-Consultation

During these challenging times, the oral health of our patients remain our priority. Due to social distancing and isolation, our dental practice is currently closed.

We want to continue to help, not only our existing customer base, but to all new patients as well.

For the foreseeable future, Hermes Dental are offering FREE e-consultations to all customers. This will consist of a 20 minute phone call, giving advice and recommendations where possible.

Verbal dental health check & orthondic consultation

  1. Problem analysis
  2. 20 minute in-depth virtual consultation & discussion
  3. Teeth assessment
  4. Orthodontic options
  5. Orthodontic treatment plan, costs and timescales
  6. Plan and recommend for follow up treatment

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Your Dentist will also carry out a verbal assessment

There will then then be a lengthy discussion about all aspects of your dental health, including prevention, as well as any cosmetic concerns you may have.

We make sure that we take time to listen to and address any concerns you may have. If there is any treatment which is necessary, your dentist will provide you with a written quotation and explain all the costs involved.

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