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Are Turkey Teeth A Good Idea?

Turkey teeth have become extremely popular among young people and celebrities craving a Hollywood smile. Many Brits fly abroad each year to undergo the irreversible treatment, but what exactly are Turkey teeth? and are they a good idea? In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about Turkey Teeth.

What is Turkey Teeth?

The term Turkish teeth often refers to bad dental crowns or veneers that appear too white, too big, and too square. More precisely, when it comes to dental crowns, the process sees patients having teeth filed down into fangs or stubs and replaced with crowns. The dentist then screws the fake teeth in place with a lifespan of between five and ten years. 

Often, Turkey Teeth might look too white, too bulky, too square, and all the same length, but most importantly, there are almost no teeth beneath the crown, indicating overfilling and overall bad work. 

Some patients report intense pain, high sensitivity, infection, and rotting teeth after the procedure. The long-term damage of Turkey teeth and the resulting cost of having it fixed properly is someone most people do not consider.

The name “Turkey Teeth” derives from the fact that this process sees people travel abroad to Turkey for cheap dental work due to the lower prices, shorter waiting times and social media promotions. At the same time, all these sound appealing, many patients fail to understand the long-term damage, complications the treatment and irreversibility of the treatment can cause. 

Almost 86 per cent of dentists had to treat patients whose complications had been caused by dental tourism in 2022, according to a survey conducted by the British Dental Association (BDA ). One in five dentists estimated that it would cost more than $5,000 to repair the damage.

How can you avoid Turkey Teeth?

Nobody wants Turkey Teeth and the complications they bring. Whether in Turkey or anywhere else in the world, it is important to do your research before any procedure.

Make sure to ask questions, visit clinics, and consult dentists to understand their achievements and work before you choose the clinic and procedure. It’s also important to set realistic expectations, choose conservative approaches, and avoid bidding wars for the cheapest prices, which may end up being more costly in the long run.

Finally, beware of an aggressive sales approach, a lack of information about the treatment, no aftercare services, and being pressured into making a decision quickly. Remember, that when it comes to any medical procedures, it’s important to consult a medical professional, no matter how impressive the work appears on a celebrity.

Why choose Hermes London Dental Clinic?

Hermes London Dental Clinic is a general and cosmetic dentistry based in Victoria. With a friendly team of experienced staff, we are continually keeping up to date with the latest advances in the dental world. Maintaining high ethical standards, we provide a high standard of dentistry to our clients including porcelain veneers, white fillings, teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, and orthodontics.

From your initial consultation, until your dental treatment is complete, you will receive the very highest of care with 24/7 emergency support. If you are considering composite bonding or veneer dental treatment, or are suffering from complications due to ‘Turkey teeth’, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help fix your smile.

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