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oral health tips

Wisdom Teeth Removal: When is it Necessary?

We all experience dental pain in our lifetime, whether it be caused by an infection, decay, or an injury. If you are suffering from pain or other issues due to your wisdom tooth, this may be an indication that you will need it to be

The Causes and Cures of Bleeding Gums

If you are suffering from bleeding gums, this is usually a symptom that commonly occurs due to gum disease. Although, if you brush your teeth strenuously or have dentures that are not fitting your mouth correctly, this can cause bleeding gums too.  These symptoms can

How to Keep Your Teeth Clean

If you have been struggling with plaque build-up, gum disease, or tooth decay, we advise you to seek guidance on how to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.  The bacteria that builds up in your mouth can create acids which harm the enamel and cause

tooth sensitivity causes

What Can You Do About Sensitive Teeth?

Are you having problems with sensitive teeth? Have you had a lot of discomfort or pain recently?  Not to worry, tooth sensitivity is a very common issue and occurs when you’re coming into contact with particular substances as well as temperatures. According to a UK

Receding Gums Causes

How to Take Care of Your Gums

Have you noticed that your gums are pulling back from your teeth? Or do your teeth appear longer? This may be the result of receding gums, which can happen slowly. As your gums surround the teeth and help to support them, looking after your gums

Image of black tea

Is Black Tea Good or Bad for My Teeth?

The chances are, you probably love a cup of tea. In the UK, Brits drink around 50 billion cups of tea each year, on average. Black tea, in particular, gets its distinctive colour and taste from the oxidation stage, and is what makes black tea

Dental flossing

How to Use Dental Floss Correctly

Dental floss is designed to remove more plaque, food debris and bacteria from the mouth that normal brushing isn’t able to remove. Flossing should be a daily part of your dental regime and is a great way to prevent bad breath and keep your teeth,

How to Treat Bad Breath

Bad breath is a natural way of life and is typically caused by the foods we eat. With that being said, there are many other reasons for bad breath other than the foods and drinks we consume, as it can sometimes be an underlying issue.

Oral Health Care

The Impact of Stress on Oral Health Care

Stress can impact so many parts of our lives, from our mental wellbeing to our physical health and this also includes our oral health care as well. Anxiety and stress can have so many adverse effects on our lives that many people aren’t even aware

Teeth Staining

What Causes Teeth Staining?

Over time, it’s natural for our teeth to become discoloured and stained. However, we usually don’t notice staining until it’s too late when we find our teeth aren’t looking as bright or white as they once used to be. With the teeth becoming discoloured very