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Published on: oral health tips

What to Expect From a Private Dentist in London

When it comes to your teeth you can right expect only the very best treatment. We only get one set of adult ones so it’s only natural you become protective. Instead of going through the NHS, many choose to go down the private route. To get the very best in the country you should consider a private dentist in London. Here we will talk about the differences as well as what to expect from your appointments.


Differences between the public and private dentists in london

It can be difficult to understand how the NHS and the Private industry differ. After all you pay for both services so it seems like both are at least slightly private in nature. The main difference is that when going through the NHS you will only be expected to contribute a portion of the price versus private where you’ll be expected to foot the whole bill.

It may seem obvious to just go with the NHS if you just look at the price. This isn’t the whole picture however, the private sector offers some really attractive competitive edges. The main differentiating factors are the variety in treatment options, option for purely cosmetic dentistry, the time aspects and the access to the latest technology. When looking at private dentists in London, you really will have access to the best of the best.


Private Dentists in London’s Treatment Options

Due to the price constraints in the NHS, the dentists working there are restricted by guidelines dictated by cost. This limits some of the options they can give to their patients and will always go for function over cosmetic. The dentists are driven by targets, which is oftentimes leading to problems. The NHS provides a full list of the procedures they provide on their website.

For example, it is rare for a white filling to be used when receiving treatment through the NHS. These are more aesthetically pleasing for most, as they blend in with your teeth. They are more time consuming to place though, meaning the NHS often opts against using these fillings for non-front-facing teeth. With private treatment, you aren’t limited to these guidelines and can choose a treatment option that reflects your needs and wants best.

Private Dentists in London’s Cosmetic Dentistry

This links to cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic treatment is not available on the NHS, meaning that the materials and treatments which produce the best visual results are often not used. If you want to best looking smile, private will always give you the best result. The NHS will only take into consideration health issues, so unless your oral or mental health is being affected you won’t be able to go through them. This includes a strict guideline on orthodontics and braces.

Private dentistry can offer you a wide array of services to give you what you want visually. You should expect to leave with the best-looking smile possible. This includes teeth whitening, veneers and non-fixed braces. None of these will be offered through the NHS.


Private Dentists in London’s Time Advantages

The NHS is not only limited by the prices and procedures that they can offer but also time. They are also held to strict targets and quotas set by the government. This means you may get less face-time with your dentist during the appointments. This includes a difficulty getting appointments outside school hours or working hours as they are only usually open Monday to Friday 9-5.

When going to a private dentist you can expect to not feel in any sort of rush. Appointment times will always be centred around you, allowing for after work or weekend visits. The time spent with the doctor is often times much longer and taken at a relaxed pace as well as the option for much more frequent appointments. This is due to the lack of strict quotas. Fewer time restrictions allow you to have a more customer-centric experience, where they dentists will go beyond the basic treatment standards.

Private dentistry clinics in London are also flexible with emergency appointments. Here at Hermes, we offer emergency dentist appointments for new or existing customers. If you require an emergency dentist in Victoria, contact us on 020 7233 7660. Our dentists will see all emergency patients on the same day whenever possible, and you will be offered the next available appointment as soon as you call.


The Latest Technology and Innovations at Private Dentists in London

Private surgeries, especially in London, have access to all the latest technologies and materials. This can include 3D printing to create fillings or scanners to take on electric impressions of teeth. There is no NHS budget to restrict the sector so if a dentist thinks it’d be useful and beneficial to the practice it can be ordered for use. The NHS will obviously have high-quality equipment, but they’ll always go for the more traditional and cost-effective technology. The private sector can use some more of the latest cutting edge gear. This all depends on the private practice however so you’ll need to do your research.

One example of the latest technology here at Hermes is porcelain veneers. Veneers are a good treatment option to consider because they look like natural teeth and don’t require a major procedure. The veneer is made of porcelain, like a fingernail, and is bonded to the front of your teeth. They are all custom fitted so it’ll suit your smile best. You can have just the one tooth done or have a whole set done.


Funding Private Dentists in London

You may think that these private options are beyond your paycheck, but there are plenty of ways to fund this venture. You can either opt for dental insurance which will have options for private treatments. This helps you pay towards the treatments and allows you to have the treatment you want. Insurances can range between £16-30 a month. There are also dedicated services that offer payment plans. These include Denplan Care or Direct Dental Finance. These allow you to break down your procedure costs into affordable monthly instalments with interest-free credit. This allows you to easily be able to get that dazzling smile that you deserve. If you think private dental care could help transform your life, contact Hermes London Dental Clinic. The best private dentist in Victoria.

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