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Author: Dr. Parneet Sehmi

Dentist During This Lockdown

How Has Lockdown Affected Dental Practices?

Like many sectors, dentistry has been vastly affected by the lockdown restrictions and everything that has come with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many dentists were experiencing a boom in business earlier in the year, during the month leading up to the pandemic, but this has changed

dental checkups

The Importance Of Regular Dental Checkups

Dental checkups are nothing to worry about, but it is extremely important to ensure you book in regular visits with your dentist and avoid delaying booking your appointment. Unfortunately, many of us ignore the signs and only resort to visiting a dentist until it is

Is It Safe To Visit The Dentist During Pregnancy?

Throughout pregnancy, you will most likely be informed by your midwife, friends and family around you that there are many things you can and can’t do. While it is safe to visit your dentist during pregnancy for dental check-ups, there are some treatments you, unfortunately,

Do I Need A Root Canal?

Root canal treatments really have come a long way over the years and with modern technology and improved techniques, the treatment can now be offered to patients with fewer visits and more comfortable aftercare. Used to remove bacteria or dead tissue from inside the tooth,

Can Gum Disease Be Reversed?

Gum disease is a very common condition which is experienced by most UK adults at least once in their lifetime. With the condition of your gums and teeth affecting your overall health, gum disease is linked to many other health problems in other parts of

Hermes London Dental Clinic Brochure

At Hermes London Dental Clinic, we focus on providing clients with the best experience during each visit. It is our mission to bring you closer to your dream of having beautiful, healthy straight teeth and we have the solutions necessary to help you achieve it.

The Best 8 Electric Toothbrushes for 2020

Any dentist will advise you to use an electric toothbrush rather than a regular manual toothbrush. Not only does an electric toothbrush make it more effective to remove plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, but they also improve your oral health and make it

Eight Signs Your Oral Health Needs Improving

Maintaining your oral health can prevent a multitude of common oral health issues, including tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Like other areas of your body, your mouth teems with bacteria, some of which can be harmless to your health. With your mouth being

Why You Should Opt For Botox In Victoria?

Botox has become the number one choice of aesthetic procedure in the world, so we have seen more and more beauty clinics offering botox treatments in the UK. Botulinum toxin, also commonly referred to as botox, is a cosmetic procedure which reduces the signs of