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Why You Should Opt For Botox In Victoria?

Botox has become the number one choice of aesthetic procedure in the world, so we have seen more and more beauty clinics offering botox treatments in the UK. Botulinum toxin, also commonly referred to as botox, is a cosmetic procedure which reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles in the face and neck for a more youthful appearance.

Unfortunately, not all beauty clinics have the relevant knowledge, experience and qualifications to administer botox injections, so you should take every precaution with who you go to. Whilst many of us are unlikely to consider visiting our dentist for botox treatments, dentists are usually the best choice as they specialise in this area and have the expert knowledge, training, cleanliness and qualifications to safely administer botox injections. 

Many expert professionals in the beauty industry will strongly advise any patient considering botox to visit their dentist for this treatment rather than a beauty clinic, to avoid any nasty side-effects or serious long-term conditions. Botox isn’t as invasive as cosmetic surgery, so it does carry fewer risks, but of course, there are still some risks which should be taken into account before you make a decision.

Your dentist most likely isn’t someone that springs to mind when you’re weighing up your options for a botox treatment, however, in this article, we explain some of the reasons why you should use a professional dentist.

Specialist Knowledge

Injecting botox is a complex procedure and therefore should be administered by a qualified and trained practitioner who can perform this delicate work in a precise manner. Dentists are highly skilled professionals within the medical industry who have many years worth of specialist knowledge as they acquire in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the face throughout their career. 

A dentist will also be able to provide guidance on whether or not botox isn’t suitable for you, for example, if you have a skin infection, a medical condition, are taking particular medicines or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Unlike beauty clinics, dentists have more of an understanding of creating a tailored plan to your treatment which is ideal if you are looking for a natural and refreshed appearance. After all, many patients are unaware of how much botox treatment is best suited to them, and botox isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure.

Visiting a professional dentist with specialist knowledge will avoid excessive bruising, permanent scarring, swelling or fever-like symptoms, which could potentially lead to an unwanted visit to the hospital.

Exceptional Training

Dentists are required to go through extensive training to get where they are, and part of the training they undertake is how to safely and effectively administer botox injections. They already benefit from a wealth of training of the facial area and are perfectly suited to the delivery of botox and fillers.

With their wealth of training, they also understand how to make patients feel most comfortable during any dental or cosmetic treatments, including when botox is administered. As dentists carry out more invasive procedures in the facial area than any other medical specialist, they are known to be the best option when considering having botox treatments, this means that they have the specialist training to avoid complications or address them in the highly unlikely chance that they do occur.

Clean Facilities

As botox is an invasive procedure, it is classed as a medical service, so a clinic administering this treatment must have clean working conditions which are disinfected between each patient visit. Unfortunately, not all beauty clinics adhere to this policy which can result in a patient suffering from infections or a swollen face.

Dental clinics have the utmost of cleaning procedures, with dentists taking every precaution to ensure that a clean and safe environment is provided for each and every patient, whether they are entering the clinic for dental treatment or for botox.

Tailored Plan

As a private dental clinic in London, we create tailored plans for all patients who walk through our doors which means that every treatment is bespoke and suited to the requirements and needs of each and every patient.

Our botox treatments are no different and each patient is given their own tailored botox treatment plan so that our patients know what to expect from the treatment and are aware of every step in maintaining their treatment for longer-lasting results. This also means that patients have full professional support during every stage.

Painless Procedure

Some patients suffer from pain or discomfort during their treatment of botox, which is typically down to clinics not understanding how and where to administer the injection. As very fine needles are used, botox shouldn’t be painful and patients shouldn’t suffer from any intense side-effects.

Common side-effects which are completely safe and normal include temporary minor swelling, redness, headaches, bleeding or bruising where the botox has been injected. During your botox treatment, your dentist will explain every step with you and will create a tailored plan so that you know what to expect and have support during every step of your treatment.

Professional Insurance

With every cosmetic procedure having a very small chance of complications, it’s important that your chosen botox administer is covered with professional insurance in the unlikely circumstance that something does go wrong.

As a private dentist who administers botox in Victoria, we have professional insurance cover to protect all patients which is essential for all dental clinics to have in order to meet the requirements of the GDC (General Dental Council).

If you decide to have botox at a beauty clinic rather than consulting your dentist, you must check that your chosen clinic has insurance to cover any unexpected side-effects or complications.

Botox Treatments in Victoria

Hermes Dentists London are an award-winning dental clinic with experience and a proven track record with administering botox injections.

Our botulinum injections are quick and painless; usually lasting around 5-10 minutes and require no antiseptic. Results will usually be seen in a few days, sometimes taking between 4-7 days for the effects to be seen.

Whether you’re looking for a more youthful appearance or if you want more reasons to smile, then simply get in contact today – we’d love to help.

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